Our People

Our board of directors and support chairs are a special group of people who have come forward to make a difference in the lives of Spartanburg’s youth. We believe in the ripple effect, that making a big change starts with a small act of kindness. By teaching youth that they are worthy regardless of identity or sexuality, we hope they will, spread the same kindness to their peers and it will go on and on …

2021 Board Members

Eric Nolley
Eric Nolleypresident
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Shelly McMains
Shelly McMainsvice president
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Deb Foreman
Deb Foremanexecutive director
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Miga Batten
Miga Battentreasurer
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Secretary Opening

We are searching for a new Secretary to serve on the Uplift board. If you are interested please contact us!

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Committee Chairs

Kei Nesbitt
Kei Nesbittyouth development chair
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Timothy Smith
Timothy Smithfundraising chair
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Members at Large

Nikki Smith
Nikki Smithmember at large
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Jamarcus Gaston
Jamarcus Gastonmember at large
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Program Staff

Tanna Thompson
Tanna Thompsonprogram director
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Savannah Basnet
Savannah Basnetintern
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Eleanor Lee
Eleanor Leeintern
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Brandon Molina
Brandon Molinaintern
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Jaycee McDonald
Jaycee McDonaldintern
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